About the Seminary

We Train Expositors

The Master’s Seminary exists to advance the kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ by equipping godly men to be pastors and trainers of pastors. This is accomplished through an educational program and environment of spiritual fellowship and relationships which emphasize unreserved commitment to the worship of God, submission to the authority of the Scriptures, a life of personal holiness, the priority of the local church, and the mission of penetrating the world with the Truth.

A Sacred Calling Demands the Highest Training

Elite soldiers, expert physicians, and eminent athletes have this in common: they have been highly trained to perform with excellence in their respective fields. For those who would serve in Christ’s church, the standard must be no lower. The highest calling deserves the utmost level of preparation. That is why we take our mandate, to prepare men for pastoral ministry, so seriously. Founded on an unshakable commitment to the authority and sufficiency of Scripture, we train men because lives depend on it.

The Master’s Seminary is committed to equipping men for a lifetime of effective service in the church for the glory of Christ. Under the careful direction of a faculty united in purpose and doctrine, students are mentored, challenged, nurtured, and prepared for the vital work to which God is calling them.