Core Commitments

A High View of God

Glory of God – Dr. Greg Harris

The Holiness of God with Dr. Bill Barrick

God as Creator with Dr. Bill Barrick

The Sovereignty of God with Dr. Irv Busenitz

Right Thinking about God with Dr. Jim Mook

The Lord Jesus Christ

The New Testament Jesus vs. the “Search for the Historical Jesus” with Dr. David Farnell

Conforming to the Image of Christ with Dr. David Farnell

Confessing Jesus as Lord with Dr. Nathan Busenitz

Jesus as High Priest with Dr. David Farnell

Jesus as God Man with Dr. Irv Busenitz

Jesus as the Davidic King with Dr. Michael Vlach

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit’s Role in Illumination with Dr. Irv Busenitz

The Holy Spirit’s Role in Inspiration with Dr. Bryan Murphy

The Holy Spirit’s Work in Regeneration with Dr. Greg Harris

The Holy Spirit’s Work in Sanctification with Michael Riccardi

The Dual Reality of Sanctification with Dr. Nathan Busenitz

The Holy Spirit’s Work and Cessationism with Dr. Nathan Busenitz

A High View of Scripture

A High View of Scripture and Study of the Original Languages with Dr. Bryan Murphy

The Authority of Scripture with Dr. David Farnell

The Inspiration of Scripture with Dr. Kelly Osborne


Man’s Need for Salvation with Dr. Bryan Murphy

God’s Plan for Salvation with Dr. Greg Harris

Substitutionary Atonement with Michael Riccardi

The Holistic Nature of Salvation with Dr. Michael Vlach

The Church

What is the Church with Dr. Michael Vlach

The Church Ordinances with Michael Riccardi

The Authority of Scripture in the Church with Dr. Carl Hargrove

The Importance of Church Membership with Michael Riccardi

The Plurality of Elders with Dr. Bryan Murphy


Israel and the Church with Dr. John MacArthur

Dispensationalism with Dr. Michael Vlach

Has the church replaced Israel? with Dr. Michael Vlach

Church History and Israel’s Future with Dr. Nathan Busenitz

God’s Plan for the Nations with Dr. Michael Vlach

Premillennialism in Preaching with Dr. John MacArthur

Premillennialism in Curriculum with Dr. John MacArthur

Early Church Premillennialism with Dr. Nathan Busenitz

Premillennialism and Christian Ministry with Dr. Nathan Busenitz

Eschatology and the Doctor of Ministry program with Dr. John MacArthur