Educational Quality

Excellence in Education

A call to the ministry is a call to diligent study (2 Timothy 2:15), and the personal standard to be maintained by a Christian leader is the highest of any calling (James 3:1). Inasmuch as he is called to moral faithfulness he is called to be skilled and knowledgeable. The training of pastors therefore necessitates excellence in education and discipleship.

The faculty of The Master’s Seminary is committed to rigorously training the next generation of biblical expositors and preparing them for ministry to the church at large and further education in post-graduate and doctoral programs at top institutions. The seminary’s mandate to train at the highest level is based on the nature of the ministry calling as found in Scripture, as well as the great demands of the ministry itself.

Program Design

The leadership of TMS has worked diligently over three decades to develop and hone world-class academic programs designed to ensure student mastery of the skills and knowledge critical to success. Additionally, the seminary makes it a priority to provide ongoing guidance and support to maximize the potential for students to complete their degree work in a timely manner.

Graduate Academic Advancement

The quality of the TMS program can be reflected in the number of graduates who go on to pursue either research or professional doctorates. As of January 2015, 152 graduates are enrolled in or have completed doctoral studies:

•  Research doctorates: 79

•  Professional doctorates: 73


TMS alumni are known for their biblical scholarship and their ability to communicate that knowledge in a live setting through preaching and teaching. Additionally, as an outgrowth of diligent study, research, and synthesis, seminary graduates are frequently engaged in important contributions to both popular and academic literature. TMS graduates have written or contributed to 136 books and have published 90 journal articles (and counting).

Graduates Ministering Overseas

In keeping with the seminary’s purpose statement, which includes “the mission of penetrating the world with the Truth,” students are strongly encouraged to consider the work of missions, and opportunities abound.

TMS has 163 graduates serving internationally on six continents in 46 countries.

Graduates Licensed or Ordained

In 2012, TMS surveyed its graduates inquiring as to their licensure/ordination status. At that time, 93% of TMS graduates were licensed or ordained.

Jesus said, “A student is not above his teacher; but everyone, after he has been fully trained, will be like his teacher” (Luke 6:40). As a pastor-in-training, the choice of where to study is therefore of great importance. Instructor and student alike must be committed to biblical inerrancy, diligent scholarship, and the disciplines of a godly man.