The Master’s Seminary is located twenty miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles in the San Fernando Valley. It is situated conveniently on Roscoe Boulevard, between the 170 and the 405 freeways.

The Master’s Seminary
13248 Roscoe Blvd.,
Sun Valley, CA
USA  91352

Phone: 1-800-CALL-TMS

The President’s Office

The president’s office of The Master’s Seminary is responsible for setting its vision and mandate for training, discipleship, and academics, for guiding faculty and administration, and ensuring an unwavering commitment to founding principles and doctrine.

Contact: Rich Gregory / RGREGORY@TMS.EDU

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Office of Development and Endowments

For questions on ways you can participate in the ministry of TMS, or for any assistance you may need, please call upon us at any time.

Contact: Jade Greenfield / Jgreenfield@TMS.EDU

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Office of Admissions

Please contact us today, whether you are ready to apply to one of our academic programs, or whether you are trying to determine whether the Lord would have you to train for expository ministry.

Contact: Michael Wurtz / MWURTZ@TMS.EDU

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Office of Student Life

Whether you are a student or wish to know more about what student life is like at TMS, please contact us. We would be thrilled to speak with you.

Contact: Ray Mehringer / RMEHRINGER@TMS.EDU

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Office of Graduate Placement

Graduate placement is a unique function of The Master’s Seminary. Because of its emphasis on the local church, and the training of its graduates, many churches look to TMS first to fill their pulpits.

Contact: Carl Hargrove / CHARGROVE@TMS.EDU

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