Program Information

Every pastor is already a theologian, but the Master of Theology (Th.M.) program enables pastors to develop specialized theological training in Bible Exposition, Old Testament, New Testament, or Systematic Theology beyond what is possible in the three-year M.Div. program. The curriculum provides a flexible program, extending two to four years at the post-Master of Divinity graduate level.




Total Tuition Cost: $12,870




    Qualified men from all over the world can capture the riches of the Th.M. program while staying rooted in their local churches. Courses for three of the four disciplines (NT, OT, TH) will be offered in a modular format running a term of 20 weeks. The student will only need to be on the Los Angeles campus for one or two weeks of in-class time per term, depending on the course. Instruction will also be accomplished through pre-course and post-course assignments and video conferencing from home. 


    Students in residential Th.M. courses will enjoy the bustling TMS environment at our Los Angeles campus for the traditional 15-week Fall and Spring semesters. The residential format of the Th.M. program allows students to enjoy year-round access to professors, fellowship with men across our programs, and the superb resources of our library on campus. At this point in time, the Th.M. in Bible Exposition is only available in the residential semester format on the Los Angeles campus. Students in the NT, OT, or TH disciplines will find a certain number of residential course offerings, and may combine residential and modular courses to complete the degree in a two year time frame.

“Discovering the Th.M. program was an answer to a longstanding prayer about how to align my love for the church and my love for scholarship. TMS provided the means to excel in the kinds of skills, procedures, and argumentation that will undoubtedly make me a more capable thinker and writer to address today’s most nuanced pastoral concerns.”

Chris B.

Burbank, California


Applicants must present an acceptable baccalaureate degree and Master of Divinity degree, with a 3.25 M.Div. GPA. Applicants must also manifest promise of competency in Christian ministry, exhibit exemplary and consistent Christian character, and must be in accord with the ideals of the institution as recorded in its current catalog.


Additionally, they must have successfully completed basic courses which parallel the following core classes of the M.Div. at TMS:

Old Testament: Hebrew Grammar I and II, Introduction to Hebrew exegesis, OT Introduction, Hebrew exegesis elective
New Testament: Introduction to Greek exegesis I and II, NT Introduction, NT exegesis elective

Theology: Theology courses covering all ten areas of systematic theology as well as historical theology

Bible Exposition: OT Survey, NT Survey, Hermeneutics


Students applying for the Th.M. program who have graduated from other seminaries will have their academic transcripts compared to the above prerequisites. Exact correspondence is not expected; only similar coverage for these essential areas. Generally, applicants will be asked to supply a document with all course synopses from the academic catalog of their prior institution. The foundation provided by the above kinds of courses will facilitate a student’s greater success in our Th.M. program.


Applicants deficient in any of these requirements may enroll in the pre-requisite units while taking other Th.M. courses, but such deficiencies must be completed prior to or during their first year in the Th.M. program. Until these prerequisites are met, applicants will be admitted on a probationary status. Coursework taken to fulfill deficiencies is not applicable toward the Th.M. residency requirements.


Students must demonstrate the ability to do significant theological research. For students who will receive their M.Div. from TMS, the professors on the Th.M. committee will affirm or deny your application, in part, by knowing your writing ability from classes you have had with them. Students applying from other seminaries will need to submit an exegesis or theology paper to give the Th.M. committee a sample of your research writing quality.

  • Required Courses

    Students are required to take the following eight courses across the disciplines:

      History of NT Interpretation

      Greek Exegesis Course

      Advanced Hebrew Readings

      Hebrew Exegesis Course

      Soteriology Seminar

      Eschatology Seminar

      Thesis Introductory Methods


    *The first six required courses listed are different for the Bible Exposition discipline. The courses for this discipline are provided below.


    The Th.M. is a post-M.Div. program that enables students to refine their exegetical and theological precision through specialized study in one of four disciplines:


Old Testament

The Old Testament Th.M. focuses on advanced Hebrew grammar, readings, exegesis, and Aramaic.


    OT Textual Criticism

    Biblical Aramaic

    Advanced Hebrew Grammar

    OT Seminar

    Hebrew Exegesis Course


New Testament

Students in the New Testament Th.M. take advanced courses in Greek grammar, New Testament textual criticism and interpretation.


    Advanced Greek Grammar I

    Advanced Greek Grammar II

    New Testament Textual Criticism

    Greek Exegesis Course

    Synoptic Problem



The Theology Th.M. takes students through courses in Pneumatology, Soteriology, Eschatology as well as options for electives.


    Theology Proper Seminar

    Pneumatology Seminar

    Dispensationalism Theology Seminar

    NT Use of the OT Seminar

    Kingdom of God Seminar


Bible Exposition

A Th.M in Bible Exposition involves courses in the Old and New Testaments with a focus on understanding the message of Scripture. It constitutes a terminal degree with core and elective courses noted below. A student in this discipline is welcome to take any of the courses in the NT/OT/TH disciplines for their program electives.



    Samuel, Kings, Chronicles






    OT Exegesis Elective

    NT Exegesis Elective

    2 Free Electives 


Further Study

While it also may provide a basis for further graduate study leading to more advanced degrees such as Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) it is, in each case, designed for those preparing for church or mission vocations requiring ordination.


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