Studying the Word of God is one of the great joys of the Christian life. Studying Scripture to rightly handle and teach it faithfully is a privilege without measure. The Master’s Seminary uniquely prepares men for ministry not only because of its programs but because of training combined with practical experience and opportunities for families along the way.


Class Time

Class TimeThe classroom is the primary place where most instruction is received during the course of each program of study at TMS. Classes are dynamic, teaching is deep, theological, and motivated by a high view of Scripture.


ChapelTwice weekly, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, students sit under the preaching ministry of a faculty member, alumnus or guest speaker during chapel services. Chapel is also broadcast live online via this website. Watch Chapel »

Discipleship Lab

Discipleship labThe New Testament model for ministry training is a discipleship model. Discipleship labs at TMS are a way for professors and local pastors to get to know students and their needs, and to disciple them throughout their program. Personal Holiness »


LibraryThe Master’s Seminary Library is a critical component of student scholarship. Hard copy resources number in the hundreds of thousands, and electronic libraries additionally provide virtually every tool the student could desire for his studies.

Steeple House Coffee

Steeple House CoffeeA recent addition to the campus, the Steeple House Coffee shop has provided a new and popular place to grab a hot beverage or treat, and fellowship with others throughout the day. Seminary students also assist in its operation. Hours & Menu »

Grace Grill

Grace GrillGrace Grill is a reasonably priced on-campus eatery with fresh and delicious foods for a variety of tastes. It’s also a great place to meet with faculty and fellow students throughout the week. Hours & Menu »


One of the most important factors in choosing a seminary is whether one is able to love and lead his family while engaged in rigorous study. Opportunities for family nourishment and care must be abundant, so that a man may abundantly provide for the ones God has entrusted to him in his own home.


Faithful sisters in Christ are essential to ministry as a pastor’s wife, and the relationships developed over the course of their husbands’ studies will last a lifetime. These relationships are fostered through regular events and activities including Seminary Wives Discipleship.

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The children of seminarians have many and varied needs concerning their education. The options available in the Los Angeles area are vast, but the basic choices come down to public, private, and home schooling options.

Christian Schools

The primary areas in which TMS families live are within close proximity to quality Christian schools. Some examples include Santa Clarita Christian School (SCCS); Legacy Christian Academy; and Trinity Classical Academy.

L.A. Unified Schools

L.A. Unified School District is one of the largest public school districts in the country. As each school is different in terms of its direct approach and philosophy of training, it is recommended that parents meet with school principals prior to enrolling children. Schools can be researched through LAU’s school finder page.


Many seminary families home school their children, and as a result, wives of the seminary have organized a homeschool support group called Heritage. Heritage provides repeated opportunities throughout the school year to meet and interact, go on outings and field trips, participate in science fairs and importantly, for moms to discuss their efforts to raise children in the fear and admonition of the Lord, and build one another up along the way.


Key events throughout the academic year ensure that students and their families experience regular times of fellowship and encouragement.

Fall Picnic
Fall Picnic

A favorite for staff, faculty, students, wives, and children alike, the Fall Picnic is a phenomenal way to get to know others and to make lasting connections.

Christmas Chapel
Christmas Chapel

Christmas at TMS is a wonderful time of year, and the Chapel is legendary for good fellowship, music, teaching, and yes, amazing COOKIES, made by our beloved SemWives.

Spring Campout
Spring Campout

A favorite among kids and one of the greatest ways to begin building relationships with seminary families, the Spring Campout filled with fun and adventure. Space is limited so be sure to sign up well in advance.


Local Church

Local ChurchThe most important ministry a student will be part of during his time in seminary is within the context of the local church. Whether at Grace Community Church on campus, or another local church (including many led by TMS graduates), there are places to plug-in and serve. Local Church »


EvangelismPersonal evangelism is another important facet of ministry life. There are great numbers of options in the L.A. area. Opportunities range from campus ministries (UCLA, USC, CSUN, and others), to prison ministries (some of the largest in the country, and desperate for pastors), to outreach Bible studies and street evangelism. See examples on the Local Outreach page of Grace Community Church.


ConferencesThe Master’s Seminary and Grace Community Church partner to provide conferences for pastors (Shepherds’ Conference) and the church at large. These events are global in reach due to live streaming as well as book and journal publications, and provide excellent venues in which to serve and to learn.